Old English Telephone Box in Florida

I have driven by a motel many, many times and I have seen this old telephone box sitting in front of the motel. I lived in the Village of London Colney, England, awhile and I have traveled to England four times. I have seen many phone boxes in use, but each time I visit, I see fewer of them. These days about the only ones seen are at tourist sites in the country.

Occasionally, one sees one like this that has ended up as an attraction outside of Great Britain. I know of several more in central Florida, where I live.

The glass in this one has been painted over, some of it has been vandalized and all but one of the “TELEPHONE” signs at the top are missing.

Still, this telephone box has fared much better than most back in Britain. Most there have been sent to breaker’s yards (junk yards in American English), where they decay and suffer much vandalism or are taken apart and sold for scrap.

I thank the Monticello Motel, of Dundee, Florida, for letting me photograph this gem. By the way, that is my car sitting in the background. It has faithfully taken me to more places in Florida than I can even remember.


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