My New Book: British English for Americans

My latest book, available on Amazon

I finally finished my new book!!! I worked on this book for two years. I found hundreds of differences between British English and American English and that is without looking at regional and local variations within the United Kingdom. Since many local slang words exist, it would be difficult to make an attempt to find and define all of them.

I knew about many words and terms unique to the UK, because I lived there awhile. However, I found many more through research, while reading British newspapers, watching British TV and sometimes purely by chance. And I know I missed others, since I have discovered a few since my book has been published.

When I went to England to live, I found the people living and working around me using words and terms in ways I did not understand. At times, I used words in ways that caused me embarrassment, such as the time I announced that some people in the United States called me “Willy C.” I found quickly that the term willy was a slang word with two meanings, one of which was profane. Another time I was in the local Asda (Asda is a shopping chain owned by Walmart) looking for napkins and ended up in the section labelled “Nappies,” which is where diapers are displayed.

This book, containting 107 pages, can be found as a paperback on Amazon for $5.49 and also as a Kindle e-book for $4.69.

I probably will not blog about this book again, unless someone requests such a post. I do hope to become more active in writing blogs. I started my blogging with good intentions and then so many things got in the way. Some of them would make execellent subjects for future posts.

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